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CJ Littlejohns Medical Prize 2017


Read more about the winner of this year's prize and her reasons for wanting to study Medicine

Kaitlyn Egan

I have just secured a place in Cardiff university to study Medicine in September 2017.

From a very early age I have had an incredibly strong passion for science and understanding the complexity of the human body. Pursuing Medicine is an aspiration I have long held. I am ambitious about embarking on a career which is challenging, rewarding and contributes positively and in such diverse ways to all members of society. My passion for medicine comes from the fact I thoroughly enjoy the challenging aspects of chemistry and find study of topics such as DNA and the physiology of the body system stimulating. I took part in work experience last summer in Colchester hospital where the experience of shadowing doctors covering various disciplines was invaluable. Whilst observing my primary mentor who was on call, I witnessed many facets of the job, including A&E, surgery, general wards and specific areas such as anaesthetics. I observed the relationship of doctors, nurses, specialist staff and patients and the communication skills required in the workings of this multi-disciplinary team.

Whilst noting the patience required, the demands placed on doctors and some of the less pleasant side of medicine, I remained,  in awe of the profession and my ambitions were fueled further.

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