CJ Littlejohns Medical Prize 2015


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Cara Macey


I am currently in Year 13 at Gowerton School and completing my final year of A levels, studying Biology, Chemistry and History whilst completing AS maths the previous year. My ambition is to pursue a career in medicine which originated from when my grandfather survived cardiac surgery when I was 8 years old. It was during this time I had my first insight into the medical world; staff occupied me with basic tasks within the ward during the visits over the 24 weeks he was there.  I also had the rare opportunity to visit the operating theatre where my grandfather’s life was saved. This experience is the root of my ambition to become a doctor. Since then I have undertaken a variety of different work observation placements and volunteering at a care home aiming to gain fuller insight of the caring profession. These experiences have reinforced that I want to make a positive difference