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CJ Littlejohns Medical Prize 2015


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Cara Macey

July 2020.


I am currently studying Post-graduate Medicine at Swansea University, aiming to graduate July 2022.


Following on from unsuccessfully obtaining a place in Medical School in 2015, I completed my degree in Biomedical Science at Southampton University with the aim of perusing the post-graduate route into Medicine. This time enabled me to grow and develop as a person.


Currently about to enter my 3rd year, I have engrossed myself in different aspects of medicine, through the integrated learning and clinical exposure I have had since week 1. I have also become involved in various projects such as evaluating neonatal care and the implications of living with a chronic condition though patient-family experiences. I have also been a committee member of the ‘Teddy Bear Hospital’; whereas a society we arrange school visits to educate children about basic first aid and to break down barriers and address any fears children have about vising the doctor and going into hospital. Through this society, I have become involved in a community which I hope to one day work in.


As of present, I (along with several other medical students) have volunteered and are currently working in the local hospitals to help support staff and various departments during the COVID-19 pandemic.


On my journey to become a doctor, I have enjoyed every aspect of it; the good, the bad and the unknown.  All these opportunities over the past few years has have provided me with various experiences and new skills which will benefit me in my future career.

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