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CJ Littlejohns Medical Prize 2014

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Winner 2014; Katy Baran.



About Katy when she was awarded the prize


I am currently in year 12 of Gowerton school and have based my A level options of Mathematics, Chemistry, Biology and AS History around my chosen vocation of medicine. I am determined to pursue a career in medicine because I am interested in the diversity of career options it offers and enjoy helping and caring for people. After sitting my AS levels in June I spent a week’s work experience at Evelina Children’s Hospital in London. I shadowed senior doctors and witnessed several complex, political and ethical issues involving patients. I observed a wide range of cases such as the moral dilemma of a young Nigerian boy who was discovered to have kidney cancer after flying to the UK for a holiday and a teenager intentionally self harming, claiming it was a rash, in order to be admitted to hospital to miss exams. I found this experience to be thoroughly enjoyable, rewarding yet emotional and it confirmed that I have made the right career choice in medicine.

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