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CJ Littlejohns Medical Prize 2018


Read more about the winner of this year's prize and her reflections on her first few weeks at medical school

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Cerys Jones


Although I have only just started to study medicine at Cardiff University, my decision to become a Dr has been positively affirmed many times already.

Because of the passion I have always had for music and art, many of my friends and family believed that I would eventually chose a career that would enable me to use my abilities in these areas. It wasn’t until I started studying for my GCSEs that I really began to enjoy the sciences and think of the opportunities they could bring. With my love of animals, I seriously considered becoming a vet for a number of years. I even attended a vet’s practice for my work experience in year 10. Whilst this was a very enjoyable and fascinating experience, it did show me that I would prefer to have a greater amount of human interaction. It was at that point I decided to do everything possible to enable me to become a Doctor. A further week spent shadowing a GP, cemented this decision and so I selected GCSE and then A level subjects that would enable me to follow my chosen career.

It is natural to have a certain degree of worry while waiting for A level results over the summer. As a result of these concerns, I began to explore potential alternative careers as a backup in case my route to medicine was hindered.  Regardless of how much time I spent researching, no other university course or career made me feel as inspired and excited to learn as medicine did. This experience of looking for alternatives gave me further confirmation that medicine was the perfect choice for me.

Whilst University life as a Medical student is already proving very demanding, I have still managed to set aside some time to indulge my love of music. I auditioned to join the University’s competing A Cappella group and was fortunate to get into their mixed voices group. I have also found a brass band to play in, however my love of art, is only really being used to help me draw anatomical parts at the moment!

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