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CJ Littlejohns Medical Prize 2021
Read more about the winner of this year's prize and her reasons for choosing a career in Medicine 


Sumayyah Amran


My name is Zahra,


I am in year 13 and current head girl of Gowerton Comprehensive school aspiring to study medicine for university and specialise in neuroscience. For my A levels, I am studying  Biology, Chemistry, Maths and Physics. Some people might think that  these subjects are quite boring! But for me, its fascinating to see just how each of the subjects link up with each other so well. As if individual contents in each respective subjects are jigsaw pieces to a huge puzzle of our understanding.


Neuroscience and medicine intrigues me because of my questioning as to why we had mental illnesses and how it could ‘re-wire’ our brain to take a toll on our whole body. After learning about natural selection in GCSE biology, little questions started to arise. Why are humans so special? What makes us unique? What makes us an ‘intelligent‘ species?


Thankfully, I was given an opportunity in year 12 to study further into the neuroscience of humans and write an essay on “Why humans grew to have hyper intelligent brains” despite the costs. Researching for this prize essay has only furthered my desire to look further into the unknown of the human body.


However, looking into the medical course, I loved how neuroscience  was always linked back to humans and how we can solve problems with our understanding of neuroscience. When looking for other university courses, other courses didn’t necessarily excite me as much medicine did.

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